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Hearing Pocket

All About Hearing Pocket

Hearing Pocket grew out of our first-hand experience of cochlear implants

Our Mission
We aim to positively impact the lives of young cochlear implant users by producing practical, high quality products that improve the “cochlear experience”. Through this process, we will foster a community of like-minded parents to collaborate and connect in a way like no other. Our website will be a “home away from home” for parents of young implanted children to share their experiences and grow together.

Who We Are
We are parents of a beautiful girl who was born deaf and was implanted at a young age. As parents, we too share ,in the joys and yes, the frustrations, that are a part of life with a young child who is a cochlear implant user. We are very grateful for the capabilities that are instilled in our daughter as a direct result of the cochlear implant, and we strongly believe that cochlear implants provide a tremendous benefit for the deaf and hard of hearing community. In the U.S. alone, almost 90% of those who can benefit from a cochlear implant never receive one. We will do our utmost to educate and inform parents of the cochlear implant’s tremendous advantages. As parents, we can personally attest to the great progress our daughter has made using this wonderful technology. Our company’s name reflects the reality that through the advances of the cochlear implant our children can also “hear”.

What We Do
We develop products that primarily serve to make everyday life with an implanted child simpler. We strive to produce high quality goods and provide them at a reasonable cost without the usual inflated prices associated with specialty items. We strongly believe that being a cochlear implant user should not be a reason to have to pay more for everyday items.

We are committed to producing additional high quality, useful products for children with cochlear implants, and we invite you to participate in our endeavor with any comments or suggestions you may have. Please call us or e-mail us with your ideas - we are standing by ready to listen.

Additionally, we aim to provide information and education to parents about different topics related to children with cochlear implants implants' such as bilateral implantation, FM systems, Mainstreaming in the Educational System, Insurance Reimbursement, and more. The information we provide is updated and geared specifically for parents. In addition, we give the parent’s perspective on the issues, knowing full well that no professional understands us as well as we do. We believe that the advice and guidance we can share with each other is an invaluable tool that we can all benefit from in the caring of our children. Any articles or submissions from parents are welcome, and they will be shared with our readers.