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Hearing Pocket

Hearing Pocket Undershirt for Boys

Your child's life with a Cochlear Implant just got easier!
A specially designed undershirt that makes wearing a cochlear implant so simple!

The Hearing Pocket undershirt for boys provides your active child comfort and convenience while wearing his speech processor. This comfortable sleeveless undershirt is styled with a roomy back pocket. Your child's Cochlear Implant Processor can be placed in the pocket, where it is held securely in an out-of-sight, yet easy to access location.

The pocket is designed to accommodate all models of body-worn speech processors, such as the Nucleus® Freedom™, the Nucleus® Sprint™, and Advanced Bionics® Platinum Sound Processor™. There is also room in the pocket for two processors for those children who have Bilateral Cochlear Implants. In addition, the pocket is designed to close at two varying levels, to allow other audio equipment (such as FM receivers) to be attached to the processor. The pocket flap closes the pocket and is secured with a Velcro closure. The pocket's exact dimensions are 3 5/8" wide by 4 5/8" high.

  • Clean, crisp appearance
  • Lightweight fabric for year-round comfort
  • Sleeveless style
  • Pocket accommodates all speech processor models
  • Pocket is thin – not bulky
  • Double reinforced stitching for long lasting durability
  • Covered with flap that secures tightly over the processor
  • Extra long – stays neatly tucked in child's clothing

The pocket in our boys' undershirts closes with velcro to allow for easy insertion and removal of the processor. The undershirt's lightweight fabric allows for comfortable, year-round use. The 100% combed cotton material ensures a long lasting product that will withstand constant washings. This undershirt features an extra-long design that will stay tucked neatly into pants.

Care Instructions: Machine wash warm with like shades. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry medium.

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